Is Eleanor & Park worth the read?

I saw John Green give a review (one of my favorite authors of all time) so I got excited, but upon reading his review, the characters came off as…Well, “special snowflake” ish. 

I like John Green in the fact that he makes his characters believable by not trying too hard. Yes, they have conflict, but not every character has a tragic past that overshadows the plot. 

I have no problems with “nerdy” characters, but I do when they believe that their way of life is supposedly superior to those who aren’t. (ie, Gamer Girl. Well written, but I couldn’t get over the character’s superiority complex just because she—gasp—doesn’t wear Abercrombie)

Anyone care to share their opinion?


  1. wishingstardust answered: Yesyesyes. I just read it (based on John Green’s review) and I loved it. The characters are unusual, but I thought they still felt real.
  2. solutionsbecomeproblems answered: Don’t bother reading E&P. You’re pretty accurate when you said the characters came off “snowflake” ish.
  3. mome-raths-outgrabe answered: Yes. Read it. Give it a chance. I adored it.
  4. namalam answered: WELL worth the read. The characters are not a forced, overly-contrived or elitist unique. They simply are wonderful and real.
  5. shelleshocked answered: Read it. Read it and cry and love it and then read it again. Totally worth it.
  6. excitedde answered: so I have just been scrolling through the Eleanor and Park tag for like an age…an Yes. Yes you should read it. It is soooo amazing.
  7. time-out-of-life answered: It was all right. The relationships between the characters and their families was realistic. Bit anticlimactic toward the end.
  8. lies answered: I read it and loved it. I didn’t think the characters were special snowflakes, except in the sense that everyone is.
  9. the-distance-that-i-fell answered: amazing book and you’ll love both characters
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